Aranykavics Horgásztanya és Apartmanház




Hernádszurdok is a village in North Hungary, the northern border to less than 10 km (Tornyosnémeti border to Slovakia), 60 kilometers from Miskolc . A small settlement in the third can be reached number one main road , railway stations. From 100 meters, there is a little hamlet of 200 inhabitants in the south, Hernad River, west surrounded by forest area. The nice houses , large gardens refer to the old times economy. In a previous record in 1557 driven by the Hernad "flour mill " refers to , which refers to the grain production. The municipality 's coat of arms can be found in the Conquest period Aba symbol , which indicates the geographical origin of the village. The past several centuries, the region inhabited by wealthy landowners . In older times, was inhabited by more Protestant town . Beautiful church, which was renovating the help of the Dutch church . The area is perfect for hiking , camping , fishing area and excellent water tour as a base station should be considered. During the hunting of wildlife preservation boar , roe deer and enriching .

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